Christmas Grooms

UPDATE 07/10/18

Please note that ALL December appointments have now

been filled. I am still waiting for some deposits to be paid

so if you would like me to add you to my cancellation list

in the event that anyone does cancel or fail to pay their

deposit then please get in touch as soon as possible. I may

still have some small appointments left for nail trims or face 

tidies etc so please ring to enquire. The terms and 

conditions below still apply.


If you're not particularly fussy about  your dog being groomed for Christmas then that's fine, but for those who are looking to have their dog groomed and pampered in time for the festive season then please take note!

Due to the amount of people who cancelled appointments during the busy Christmas rush last year, or even simply didn't turn up for their appointments, I am now implementing a strict £10 deposit for ALL appointments booked in December. This applies to both new and existing customers. Christmas is notoriously a groomer's busiest and most in-demand time of year and I guarantee you I will have a waiting list as long as my arm. Because so many people cancelled at the last minute or didn't turn up for their appointments last year this meant that I couldn't fill the gap and I was not paid for my time. Imagine going in to work and being told by your boss that you've got to sit there doing nothing for 2 hours without being paid, especially when you know there's lots of work to be done?


Therefore, if you want to book an appointment for a date in December you will need to pay a £10 cash deposit as soon as possible (upon booking the appointment if possible). If you are booking more than one dog in then it will be a £10 deposit per dog. The deposit must be paid in cash but the remaining balance for the groom can be paid by either cash or card on the day. If you cancel or rearrange your appointment BEFORE December then you can have your deposit back or transfer it to the new appointment. If you cancel or rearrange the appointment WITHIN the month of December then you do not get your deposit back and will need to pay a new deposit for the rearranged appointment.


PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT TOO LATE to book in or you might be disappointed!! If you have any questions or would like to book in either email me on or contact me on 07434 765229.

Christmas Bulldogs