Coronavirus Update



Hi everyone,


I have some great news! I have made the decision that The Fairy Dogmother will reopen from Tuesday 2nd June! We will, of course, be following all social distancing guidelines and ask that you do the same where possible.


However, please be aware that if the government's lockdown restrictions become stricter, and force more businesses to close because the rate of infection has drastically raised back up, then I may have to close again temporarily. I will notify you if this happens as soon as possible though.


In order for the salon to operate effectively under these guidelines I am asking all customers to please pay careful attention to the following points:



  • Cancelled customers will have priority. Between today and WEDNESDAY 20TH MAY I will only be taking calls and messages from those customers whose appointments were cancelled during the lockdown period (from 23rd March until 1st June - if you're not sure if your appointment was cancelled just drop me a quick message). From THURSDAY 21ST MAY onwards I will be able to book anybody back in for an appointment. This is to make it fair on those customers who have had their appointments cancelled and give them chance to book in. If your appointment was not cancelled and you contact me before Thursday 21st May I will kindly ask you to call back from 21st May onwards.


  • I will NOT be contacting customers to rebook. It is up to you to contact me to make or rearrange any appointments.


  • All current bookings in the diary still stand from Tuesday 2nd June onwards (unless you want to rearrange).


  • Please CALL me to make or rearrange any appointments. Texts and emails can be very laborious to reply to, especially when I am receiving messages from everyone trying to rebook. It is much quicker for me to explain over the phone what appointments I have available at that exact moment rather than constantly having to re-type texts or emails to people with appointments, and then minutes later all the appointments I've offered have now been taken.


  • Please only call during acceptable hours. Monday to Sunday I am happy to answer phone calls between 9am and 6pm. If it goes to voicemail when you ring please leave a message as I always reply to voicemails. I will not call back any missed calls, only voicemails that have been left.


  • Please try to keep appointments that are already booked. Where possible I kindly ask that, if you've booked up many appointments in advance, to try and keep to these dates rather than trying to bring them forward by a week or two. It will take me a long time to go through the diary to cancel and rebook all the other appointments to keep to the same schedule. However, if you'd just like a bath and face tidy to keep you going then that can help.


  • Please be patient, both on the phone and in the salon. When this email is sent out I will probably be inundated. Please be patient if waiting for a call back or reply. Please be patient if I am slightly behind on my day's timings when grooming dogs. The dog before may have been more knotted than normal, requiring a clip off, or I may have been caught up on the phone booking someone in.


  • Once I reopen I may not be able to answer the phone during the day. If I have a fully booked day I may not be able to answer the phone at all. I will reply to all phone voicemails and emails etc. after I have finished for the day, which may be after 6pm.


At The Salon

  • I will be accepting BACS payment (bank transfer). If possible please pay by BACS as this will be the preferred method of payment, but I will also still be accepting cash and card payments (contactless limit has now gone up to £45). If you wish to pay by BACS then please let me know when you drop your dog off so that I can give you my bank details for you to set the transfer up. Payment must be received before you collect your dog.


  • I will be accepting dogs into the salon as normal. I kindly ask that you do not proceed into the salon further than the baby gate. You can still stand in the porch area behind the baby gate as normal to discuss your dog's groom or ask any questions so that I can still keep a 2 metre distance from you. I will not require you to remove your dog's collar or lead - I will still do that as normal for the dog's safety.


  • Only one customer at a time in the salon. If I am serving somebody in the salon and you arrive to collect or drop off your dog please wait on the drive, in your car or at a safe distance, until I have finished. More than one person from the same family can still attend the salon but no-one will be allowed into the salon past the baby gate at this time.


  • If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Coronavirus DO NOT ATTEND THE SALON. Please contact me asap to rearrange your appointment. Cancellation fees will still be applied with less than 24 hours notice (or 48 hours notice for new clients).


  • If your dog has knots or matts they WILL be shaved off. 'Shaved off' does not necessarily mean 'down to the skin'. It can mean a few centimetres of hair left or a few millimetres of hair left, it all depends on the severity of the knot. I will not be spending time unnecessarily brushing out or painfully dematting a dog. If your dog has knots or matts the kindest thing to do is to take the coat shorter. If your dog is matted please be aware that a matting charge may apply on top of your groom charge. Therefore there may be a few dogs walking around with shorter styles for the next few weeks!


Please be aware that once this email is sent my phone, emails and Facebook may be extremely busy so you may not get through to me instantly. Please be patient and leave a message where possible as I always reply to voicemails. 


I have very good appointment availability at the moment but I need to book people back in in the fairest way possible so that is why I am only accepting rebookings from cancelled customers until Wednesday 20th May. After this date anybody can contact me for an appointment but I will still be prioritising current customers over new customers and if you can keep the appointment you've already got booked then that is a great help too.


My shop stock is also still available to purchase in the meantime before I reopen at a contactless, safe distance through the salon window. Click here to see the range of products I have, including collars, leads, harnesses, shampoos, cologne sprays and more. Contact me for more information or to 'reserve' anything and arrange a collection.


Please look after yourselves and I look forward to seeing you and your dogs soon!


Georgina at The Fairy Dogmother



Hi everyone,


Following Boris Johnson's update this evening I can confirm that The Fairy Dogmother remains temporarily closed for now. I appreciate that this might not be the news you were hoping for but I must abide by the lockdown rules.

When the government lift restrictions more to allow small businesses like mine to open, only then will I be able to reopen.


I am aware that there are some groomers who are already working or who have set a date to reopen. However, I cannot do this until the government has allowed businesses to reopen. Boris Johnson said in his announcement this evening that businesses MAY be able to reopen from 1st June but this is dependent on targets being met. I am following the government's updates and announcements every day and when I know more, you'll know more.


I am still able to offer my shop stock for sale for customers who require it at a contactless, safe distance through the salon window. I have plenty of collars, leads, harnesses, brushes, shampoo, cologne sprays, conditioning sprays, car seat covers, treats/chews and a small selection of squeaky toys. If you're interested in anything all my stock is available to view on my website here. Payment can be made in advance by bank transfer or at the premises by cash or card machine. All social distancing will be adhered to. Just contact me to 'reserve' anything and let me know when you'll be collecting.


As a small business owner this enforced lockdown has been very hard on me, but more than anything I miss seeing all the dogs. I've loved seeing a couple of local customers when I've been out with Molly for a walk (check out my latest video on Facebook to see just how excited she is for her walks!) but I can't wait to give them all a good tummy rub and lots of fuss!


If you are struggling at home with maintaining your dog's coat or nails please let me know. I may be able to offer advice or refer to a vet if it's too severe and needs urgent help. If you feel you need to cut your dog's coat for their comfort then please do it. A slightly wonky home groom won't harm them if they are struggling with knots or are too hot. If you're not sure if your dog is normally clipped PLEASE check with me first!


Please look after yourselves and I really hope to see you and your dogs soon. Take care.


Georgina at The Fairy Dogmother





The Fairy Dogmother will remain closed until I am otherwise advised by the government lifting restrictions. If you're not sure whether this applies to your appointment or you can't remember when it is then please contact me and I'll let you know.



Hi everyone


Following Boris Johnson's announcement this evening I am sad to say that The Fairy Dogmother will now be temporarily closed. The PM has banned all non-essential travel and forced all non-essential shops and businesses to close. He has said that the situation will be reassessed in 3 weeks time. As a self-employed small business owner this news has hit me quite hard but it is necessary for the safeguarding of the entire population.




When I know more I will be able to let you know more information about when I'll be able to reopen and, therefore, rebook your dog's appointments. Please be aware that once I announce this my phone, emails and Facebook will be extremely busy so you may not get through to me instantly. Please be patient and leave a message where possible as I always reply to voicemails. I will not be rebooking any dogs in at the moment for any future appointments until I know for certain when I am able to reopen.


All I ask is that you do your best to keep your dog's coat in good condition. I can help advise on the best tools for your dog's coat and I can point you towards videos on YouTube if you'd like tips on brushing too. Be mindful that if you wash a dog with a knotted coat it will make the knots tighter and more difficult to remove so try and thoroughly brush before bathing and use a conditioning spray to help if you can. If your dog has matts or very thick knots please don't try and brush these out as it will be very painful and could cause injury to the dog. Just wait until you are able to see me again and I will do what I can to make your dog comfortable.


Please look after yourselves and I look forward to seeing you and your dogs soon! We will get through this.


Georgina at The Fairy Dogmother


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